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How to deal with Exam Stress, Tips to be followed

Think it as exams are conducted to assess your preparation. So, it is not end of the world if you score poor in exam. But the important thing is that you have to be prepared at your best for the exam. To do that you are suppose to study smartly, efficiently because no one can read and remember all the stuffs in the books.

msbte exam stress

So on the day of exam it is often found that many students panic and does couldn't perform better even though they were prepared better. The stress during exam should be minimize to avoid any negative impact on your performance. Below are some points:

1. Get a good 8 hours sleep before exam

sleep nice before exam
2. Organize all the things necessary for the exam, like pen , pencil , ruler, calculator, hall ticket etc. Make sure you get 1 extra pen ( always ).

3. Eat well before exam. Before you go to your exam, you should be fully energized. Most students used to go on empty stomach, which is very bad. But don't eat too heavy too as it will make you sleepy during exam. Try to carry a water bottle if possible.

4. Don't study new topics. Most students try to study new topics just before the exam. And it is just an added stress with no benefit. In most cases, it will make you confused of what you have already learned. Try to revise the topics which you have already prepared. It is way more worth than learning new topic.

5. Read the questions carefully. The moment you are given the question paper try to relax and read the questions calmly. Don't panic if you find that you don't know the answers to the first few questions. Try to answer to those questions which you know first. If you forget the answer to the question which you had learned, don't curse yourself. Try to attempt those at last.

5. Last minute check. This is very important to cross check every answers which you think you know. Recheck those answers and you will find some errors in those.

6. Forget it. After the exam, do not worry about the result. It is just that you can't do nothing even if you worry. And if you haven't done well and your friend tells you that he did well, it will probably add the stress in you. In another case your friend might say he did bad in exam, it might make you better. In both the cases your friend might have lied to you. So just accept that everyone does their best in exam. And think how to prepare for your next game ( i mean exam ).
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